Palumbo Park is governed by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR) , which requires and issues permits for any event in the park. There are, generally, five kinds of permits that park users may be required to obtain:

  • Picnic permits
  • Special Events permits
  • Sporting Events permits
  • Weddings and Wedding Photography permits
  • Vendor permits

If you are interested in hosting an event at the park, please download and complete the appropriate application at

Do I need a permit?

Generally, small gatherings and picnics do not require a permit. But ask yourself the following five questions: if any one of them is answered “yes,” then you will likely need some kind of permit.

  1. Do you require a specific location to be reserved?
  2. Will more than 50 people be attending your event at any given time?
  3. Will you be using amplified sound?
  4. Will you require use of the park’s electricity?
  5. Will there be any commerce or sales, such as at a flea market or food truck?