Palumbo Park is governed by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation (PPR) , which requires and issues permits for any event in the park that meets a certain threshold. Below are the most common permits that Palumbo Park users are generally required to obtain:

If you are interested in hosting an event at the park, please download and complete the appropriate application at

Do I need a permit?

Generally, small gatherings and picnics under 50 people do not require a permit. However, due to high demand, the benefits of securing a permit are two fold:

  1. Reserve the space in order to guarantee the use of the facilities and avoid two groups “double booking” the space without each others’ awareness. This can be of particular importance when the event is publicized in advance and/or guests are traveling to the event with an expectation of the event having exclusive use.
  2. Liability insurance coverage is included and indemnifies the persons, organizations, friends group and city from any possible damages claims.

If the answer to any one of the following is “yes,” then you are encouraged to seek a permit.

  1. Do you require the park to be reserved (e.g. tables, central space)?
  2. Will more than 50 people be attending your event at any given time?
  3. Will you be using amplified sound?
  4. Will you require use of the park’s electricity?
  5. Will there be any commerce or sales, such as at a flea market or food truck?

Not sure? Contact

Please note, whether you meet the threshold or not, all commercial activity should carry with it liability event insurance in order to indemnify the city and the park friends group.


The Friends of Palumbo Park, as a registered Friends group, are eligible to apply for a friends park permit as well, at a discounted rate that includes event insurance. Friends events are generally open to the public, though may solicit donations to support the event organizers or park needs. To partner with the Friends group on a public benefit event for the surrounding community, please contact

As always, please feel free to reach out the Friends group when planning your event. We may be able to assist with navigating the proper application, and let you know if we are aware of any other concurrent events on your desired date.


It is the expectation that special events remove any trash that they generate, as it is above and beyond the normal trash disposal capacity.  The PPR permit does not include this as a support service.

Groups, third party caterers, or institutions renting the space may choose to either hang an extra trash bag off the cans, instructing guests to use that one, and pull them at the end.  If dangling bags would detract from the aesthetic of the event — the group or outside caterer could simply choose to pull the entire can at the end of the event, and dispose of it.  Freestanding disposable festival-style trash bins may also be utilized, and hauled those away at the end of the event.

Due to the already very limited capacity by volunteers as well as parks and rec to dispose of the trash on a weekly basis — catering services and nearby businesses or organizations, which already maintain commercial waste service, are expected to absorb the additional trash generated during special events, as they go above day-to-day park use. We appreciate the consideration.


  • Smoking or vaping
  • Off-leash pets
  • Camping
  • Littering and dumping
  • Wrecking, removing, or defacing Philadelphia Parks & Recreation property
  • Removing any plants, animals, or rocks
  • Vending, selling, or soliciting anything without written permission
  • Lighting a fire, except in a stone fireplace or a metal barbecue stand 15′ from the nearest building
  • Using metal detector devices
  • Amplified noise without a special permit
  • Alcoholic beverages, except for permitted events that have specifically received approval and paid the appropriate fee
  • Illegal substances
  • Motorized vehicles