2019 Organizing meeting

The FOPP has recently completed the creation of its bylaws, and will be holding an organizing meeting to fill positions.   Everyone with an interest in public spaces, community building, events, and beautification is encouraged to attend. Volunteer positions need to be filled to ensure the continued success of the park.

Sunday, February 10,  4:00 pm at 734 Catharine Street, the home of Glenn and Dirk.  

  • Approval of functional roles as distributed;
  • Approval of the secretary;
  • Proposed addition to the bylaws;

Positions are renewable up to three consecutive terms.

  • Vote on volunteers to fill functional roles;
  • Reports and new business.

If there are additional agenda items, please forward to me.  
This is an important meeting to move FOPP forward both implementing the bylaws and identifying volunteers for roles. Please RSVP to ensure we have a quorum of members in good standing.
The latest list of roles and volunteers was distributed with the last meeting announcement and agenda.
Last Friday Eugene and I provided the two signatures required in front of a notary public for the $1000 funds for future FOPP events. Thanks to Jeremy B. for his contributions to this effort.

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