Friends of Palumbo Park Minutes of Organizing Meeting Feb 2019

FOPP Committee Meeting
Sunday, February 10, 2019
Hope Scott, Lucille DePhilips, Lynne McMahon
Lydia Carbone, Eugene Desyatnik, Michal McMahon
Charles Gorbsky, Alfina Sorbello, Glenn Sykes
Jeremy Monsky, Dirk Allen, Steven Brogan

The meeting was opened by Lynne McMahon.

The FOPP Functional Roles as developed were unanimously approved by the members.
Alfina Sorbello was approved for the functional role of Secretary.
A sign-in sheet was passed around
Committee members approved using the sign-in sheet to create a contact list, to be
posted for members only via our google email list and google docs (to be developed)
Discussion was held regarding the terms of service for the functional roles of the FOPP
committee. A motion was made, seconded and approved on the condition of service as stated
— “Positions are renewable for up to 3 consecutive years”.

Standing Functional Roles
The volunteers were approved.
Membership Coordinator Glenn Sykes
Parks and Recreation Registration Contacts:
Primary Jeremy Monsky
Secondary Charles Gorbsky
Tertiary Lucille DePhilips
Fundraising and Outreach Coordinators:
Dirk Allen
Dave Coughlin
Love Your Park Coordinators:
Steve Brogan
Michal McMahon

The Facilitator/Meeting Coordinators will be:
Lydia Carbone Eugene Desyatnik
Functional Roles on an As Needed Basis:
Park Projects Coordinator Eugene Desyatnik
Events Coordinator – will be approved and appointed per event

Additional Discussions:
Approved – an event featuring “Blackbird Society Orchestra” a 1930s jazz style musical group to perform in the park. Eugene is handling the set-up of that event.
P3 Native Plant Grant – Glenn will notify group if and when that program is re-activated.
The bulletin board built by our neighbor, Eric Callahan, was presented by Glenn. All agreed it was beautiful and should be used in the park. Hope Scott will draft a Thank You note to Eric.
Steve will investigate the costs, city requirement and options regarding the installation of the board in the park.
Lucille shared a historic Dedication Program from 1978 regarding Palumbo Park.

Eugene explained and described the Palumbo Park website that he is developing and maintaining for our group. The website address is The group discussed adding historical information, functional roles, park plans and pictures to the site. Eugene has already done a significant amount of work on the website.

Steve and Hope volunteered to write an article on the history and current plans for the park, to be published in the Bella Vista Print Newsletter.

Eugene, assisted by Alfina and Glenn, discussed creating and maintaining a Google docs site that could be used for communication, archiving documents, and sharing information that needed to be restricted to committee members, e.g., a members contact list.

Several members will gather information on available grants for the committee. This information will be utilized to discuss future events.
Hope and Lucille will develop a plan for comprehensive, esthetic, and sustainable landscaping for the park. The plan will be discussed at the next meeting.

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